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.the girl
My name is Lea and I am not old enough to drink legally in America but that doesn't matter much because I don't live in America! I live in South Africa. I love my country so much. I am finished with school (more or less) and I'm starting university in February 2008.
I love sports. My favourite sport is rugby. I'm kinda obsessed with it, to be honest. I also love F1 racing, cricket and tennis.
I'm really girlie (even though it might not sound like it sometimes!). I'm scared of a lot of things. I party a lot. I love animals. My favourite colours are pink and green. I am obsessed with journals (the paper kind) and stationary. I have a lot of hobbies. I arrange things alphabetically out of habit. I'm really slow on the uptake sometimes. I like music and movies. I love emails and everyone should email me so we can chat: blastkiss@gmail.com
My journal is friends only because I am terribly paranoid. If you add me, please leave a comment so that I can add you back. I dislike people who don't comment, so don't bother adding me if that's you.

.the resources
Brushes, textures, etc.: inxsomniax, iiokua, dearest, ewanism, tsukicon, heartthepretty, lil_brokenangel, creative_tut, viciousgurl, cool_graphix, cauldroncake, ownthesunshine, textura, ex-posed, iconstudios
Screencaps: stolen glances, vm-caps, prison break online, striped wall, ugly is in
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